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Custom Embroidery and Articles Haberdashery

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Trampolinhas' Articles - Sheets with Stories:

"The White Bunny"

"The Monkey Tail Cut"

"Little Red Riding Hood"

Capuchinho Vermelho

Parte da Barra de lençol

lençol com história

 Briefly, the story of the Three Little Pigs.


Custom embroidery


“Idealize, we do!”


Francisco's mother ordered us some sheets with embroidered bar, to the bed of his son, stating that he was very fond of the characters from Toy Story. Here is the result:


lençol e fronha - Toy Story

barra de lençol


Barra do lençol


Or how did Lara, who gave us their towels so that they can be customized by Trampolinhas.

Toalhas da Lara e do André


 “Idealize and materialize!”


Here is a wide range of items that you can purchase in our shop, and allow you to give vent to your imagination...